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4 Signs Showing That Your Car Tires Need to Be Replaced

Just like how you need to go for a checkup once in a while to ensure your body is healthy, your car needs routine checking as well to ensure every part of it is functioning well. However, if there is one part that you need to check thoroughly, that’s the tires.

That said, how do you know when the tires need replacing? Here are the signs:


  1. The Tread Wear Bars Appear

If you’re using a new set of tires, there’s most likely tread wear bars implemented into the grooves of the wheel. 

What is the purpose of these bars? They show up when your wheel has experienced enough wearing down. If you look at the grooves of the wheel and notice rubber grooves that run perpendicular to the grooves, it means that the tires are wearing down significantly. Once they’re on the extremely near or even same level as your trades, you’ll need to get the wheels replaced immediately.


  1. The Ride Vibrates Abnormally

Every driver who has driven their car long enough will learn how much vibration is normal and how much vibration means they need to get the vehicle checked out.

There are many causes of vibrations, such as misaligned wheels, failing shock absorbs, and so on. While the wheel itself might not be the main culprit to a bumpy ride, the vibration will damage the treads. If you still experience the abnormal vibrations after you’ve realigned the wheels or replaced the shock absorbs, or done everything else other than changing the wheel itself, it might be because the tires have already sustained substantial damage.

In that case, you’ll need to replace the tires altogether.


  1. The Sidewalls Start to Leak

While tires are built to be durable, they can still start leaking. However, whether you have to replace the tires or not will depend entirely on where the leak occurs. 

If the leak is happening on the treads of the tire, you can have it patched in safely if the hole isn’t too big. However, if there is a leak on the sides of the tire, it is highly recommended that you replace the tire rather than try to patch it. That’s because the structural integrity of the tire is now compromised, and driving on tires like that will only put you at risk of an accident.  


  1. The Car Tires are Old

Different car tire manufacture will take different times when you should replace the tires. Some will recommend a change after six years, while some recommend after ten. In reality, there is no exact time we can tell you that you need to change it. That’s because everyone has different driving habits and are driving in different conditions. For example, a person that operates in rough terrain will change tires more often than another that drives on smooth, paved roads.

As a good rule of thumb, however, replacing the car tires after four or five years is a great idea, especially if you drive often. That way, you don’t put yourself at risk of the tires giving way, damaging the car, or even leading to a severe accident. You should also perform routine auto diagnostics or maintenance, such as correcting tire pressure, conducting tire rotations, and the likes. That way, you can extend the life of your tire and ensure that you ride on safe tires.


Wrapping Up

While we all wish that tires last forever, they, unfortunately, don’t. Because of this, you’ll need to run routine checks on the tires, as well as the other aspects of your vehicle. Pay attention to the signs we’ve shared with you and replace the tires when you start noticing them. That way, you ensure that the wheels are providing the smoothest and safest driving experience.

If you’re in looking for a tire shop in Richmond Hill, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.