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don't pay all at once

We understand that budget can be tight at some points in life. That’s why we are offering a financing solution for all your vehicle needs including mechanical, electrical & collision repairs. You also have the option for financing the purchase of new tires and wheels for your vehicle.

You can get a loan approval for:

Easy Convenient Process

The Loan Approval process is quick and without any frills. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

No Credit Checks

Good or bad credit? It doesn't matter, there will be NO soft and hard credit check. Your credit score will remain intact.

No Income Verifications

We hate dealing with papers and documents as much as you do, that's why no income verification will be required for credit approval.

Up to $10,000 loan

Repair jobs can be expensive, that's why you can apply for loans as high as $10,000.

payment examples

Each loan is calculated at an interest rate of 29.95%. Each loan will include processing fees from $128 to $198.


Repair amount


repair amount


repair amount

Frequently asked questions

Simply go to www.gotoloans.com and enter in some details about your vehicle. Once you’re done, you will instantly know how much of a repair loan you are approved for.

All of the fees to process the loan will be added to the total loan amount so you don’t need to pay it upfront. You may need to pay something upfront if the amount of your loan is less that the total cost of the repair. In this case, you will need to pay for the difference between the loan amount and the repair amount.

Yes! This is a fully open-ended loan so you only pay interest for the time you are borrowing the money. The earlier you pay the more you save!

Your loan approval is instant and once you accept the terms, your loan will usually be processed before the car is ready to be picked up.

No! These loans do not require a credit check or any type of income confirmation.

A repair loan requires the installation of all parts to be conducted at the repair centre in order to qualify. A loan cannot be provided for party only.

Once you agree to the loan structure, you will then need to log into the system in order to have your identity verified.

This step will require you to upload some pictures and provide some feedback. Once the information is provided to the system, the verification will occur instantly.

Once the vehicle is ready for pickup, you will be required to electronically sign the loan contract – and off you go!